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Super Mario Maker – Daily Video #1: ? Block

With less than month until release (September 10th in Japan / September 11th in Europe and North America), Nintendo has launched a series of Daily videos for Super Mario Maker. From the looks of it, they will showcase the various elements you can use in the level editor, which is the main attraction of the game.

Mario MakerToday’s video (August 14th)

Today, Nintendo is showcasing one of the most basic elements of Super Mario Maker, and a staple of the Mario series: the ? Block. Just like in pretty much all traditional Mario games, you can get coins or items if you hit them. But in Super Mario Maker, you can also hide enemies inside, in order to trick unsuspecting players!

However, there’s a catch: if enemies are too big for a block, you can’t put them inside. Therefore, you won’t be able to make a rather brutal remix of 1-1 from Super Mario Bros., with Bowser coming out of the very first ? Block. If you want to “reset” a block, simply shake it using your touchscreen: this “trick” actually works with all elements in which you can put items or enemies (canons, etc.).

Here’s the Super Mario Maker video for August 14th:

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