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TASaturday #15: Pokémon Yellow Version (GameBoy)

For the TASaturday #15, we picked up another classic, but from the GameBoy this time around: Pokémon Yellow Version! The oldest Pokémon fans will surely remember this game, which was the third version (fourth in Japan) of the first Pokémon game, including some elements from the anime series.

Even back in the days, when there wasn’t over 700 Pokémon, completing the Pokédex was a long and arduous task, taking dozens of hours in total. But in today’s Tool Assisted Speedrun, FractalFusion catalogs all 151 Pokémon… in less than a minute… and without ever leaving the room you always start the game in in the Pokémon series.

But the TASer actually does more than that: using various heavy glitches (but only via the GameBoy’s buttons!), he manages to run arbritrary code, and takes complete control of the execution flow. The end result is, by far, the most surprising way to catch ’em all. Today’s run might a be a tad technical, but it’s another example of the kind of crazy things you can do in a Tool Assisted Speedrun.

Here’s the Tool Assisted Speedrun of Pokémon Yellow Version (GameBoy), by FractalFusion:

For more information about this Tool Assisted Speedrun, please its page on!

We hope you enjoyed this TASaturday #14, and see you next week!


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