TASaturday #10: Paper Mario (Nintendo 64)

For this TASaturday #10, we picked up another RPG featuring Mario… no, not Super Mario RPG, but Paper Mario, on the Nintendo 64. You may remember the TASaturday #2, which was about Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. Well, today’s TAS was done by the same person, and it’s as entertaining!

Just like the TAS for Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, this Tool Assisted Speedrun of the first Paper Mario has “live” commentary, in the form of subtitles. That way, you will be able to understand exactly what the hell is happening on screen. What’s more, the TASer is actually much more thorough in his explanations this time around, which is definitely a big plus if you’re not too familiar with Tool Assisted Speedruns.

Watching TAS is usually pretty entertaining: you can see the player pull off lots of impressive moves, make use of various glitches, and more. But it’s always more entertaining if you can actually understand what’s happening. It’s especially true with a game like Paper Mario, where there isn’t really any “impressive moves”.

After all, it’s a RPG, not a platformer, an action game or shooter, so there isn’t anything really flashy happening (if you don’t count the numerous “expeditions” out of the game’s “normal” bounds). What’s more, the video we picked up even have a nice overlay, with various data about the TAS itself.

Here’s the TAS of Paper Mario (Nintendo 64), by Malleoz. (don’t forget to activate the subtitles on YouTube!):

For more information about this run, please click here!

Since this is the 10th TASaturday, we’re running a short survey:

1) Do you like this feature?
2) Do you like the games we’ve picked up so far?
3) Do you have any suggestions for games to showcase in a future TASaturday?
4) Do you read the text we always put before the video? Do you like it?

If you have any other suggestions, please fire away!

If we don’t get any answer, then we’ll make a human sacrifice in order to summon the Devil so that we can bring Doom (not the video game, the actual apocalyptic event) to all Humanity just keep posting those as usual until our lawyer orders us to stop.



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