Spade no Kuni no Alice ~Wonderful White World~


Daily news (July 22, Round 2): Metal Max Xeno Reborn / Ninjala

Today’s Daily news: latest set of screenshots for Metal Max Xeno Reborn, latest Developer Diary video for Ninjala, and trailers for CharadeManiacs for Nintendo Switch, Tokei Shikake no Apocalypse, Paradigm Paradox, and Spade no Kuni no Alice!

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Daily news (July 17, Round 4): Otomate New Title Party / Moving Out

Today’s Daily news: several Otome games revealed during the Otomate New Title Party, Ver. 1.2 update for Moving Out, PAW Patrol: Mighty Pups Save Adventure Bay announced for the Nintendo Switch, some more details for Street Power Soccer, and latest Tool Assisted Speedrun videos!

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Otomate Factory: even more Otome games announced for the Nintendo Switch

During the latest Otomate Party, which was held last weekend, Idea Factory some more games from their Otomate brand for the Nintendo Switch!

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