Super Robot Wars BX: second trailer (two versions), screens/artworks

Super Robot Wars BX

This week, Bandai-Namco revealed some new details about Super Robot Wars BX in Famitsu magazine. They revealed the protagonist and the heroine, as well as the mecha used by the former. But that’s not all: they also revealed the second trailer for the game (which is actually the third one, if you count the extended version of the first one).

What’s interesting about this trailer is that it’s available in two versions: one with the original music, and one with a song selection instead.

Here’s the song selection version:


Heread after the break for the original music version! But before that, here’s some new screenshots and artworks of the game, courtesy of Famitsu:


Super Robot Wars BX (3DS) comes out on August 20th in Japan.

Source: Bandai-Namco / Famitsu


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