Super Mario Run: over 50 million downloads on Android

A few days ago, during the latest meeting with investors, Nintendo revealed that Super Mario Run (the very first -official- Super Mario game on smart devices) had been downloaded almost 150 million times on both Android and iOS. Unfortunately, the company didn’t give separate numbers for each platform, though it’s pretty obvious there’s many more downloads on iOS than Android (since the former has a +3 months head start).

And pretty recently, the total number of downloads for Super Mario Run topped 50 millions on Android. We don’t have a concrete number, all we know is that the total is somewhere between 50 and 100 million downloads.

Super Mario Run 50mThe last time we got an update, it was on March 28th, when Super Mario Run topped 10 million units. In other words, in a little over a month, the game was downloaded about 40 million times worldwide. It’s a pretty satisfying result for Nintendo, though the download pace seem lower than on iOS.

It will be interesting to see how long it’s going to take for the 100 million downloads threshold to be reached, though that’s definitely something that will happen this year.

Unfortunately, the company is yet to reach its goal when it comes to players purchasing the full version of the game, though the number of players purchasing it is increasing “steadily”.

Source: Google Play Store


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