Super Mario Run: over 10 million downloads on Android

After many months of wait, Super Mario Run is finally available on Android. This second version of the game was released on March 23rd, and it’s off to a great start. According to the game’s page on the Play Store, the game has already been downloaded at least 10 million times.

Unfortunately, we do not have any exact number: all we know is that the game has been downloaded between 10 million and 50 million times… not exactly the most exact of stats! This is by far the most downloaded Nintendo game on Android, as Miitomo and Fire Emblem Heroes are currently at 5-10 million downloads and 1-5 million downloads respectively.

In comparison, Super Mario Run was downloaded over 40 million times during the first 4 days on iOS, back in December. Android numbers do seem lower, as confirmed by the lack of any press release from Nintendo (though one may come later this week).

Hopefully, Nintendo will share more details about Super Mario Run’s performance on Android, especially regarding purchases of the full version, during the next meeting with investors, in April.

Since the company also launched Ver. 2.0.0, an update that adds more content to the free version, it will be interesting to see if that and the Android release had a significant impact on the amount of money generated by Mario’s first mobile outing.



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