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Super Mario Maker: the story behind this week’s maintenance

Super Mario MakerEarlier this week, Nintendo took down the online services for Super Mario Maker for almost 20 hours. This emergency maintenance was there to fix a glitch found in the Create mode of the game, which was effectively fixed via a Software update. But as usual, Nintendo didn’t give any details about the glitch, what caused it, and what Nintendo did to fix it.

However, Patrick Keplek from Kotaku did some digging, and found out what the glitch in question was. It turns out that it allowed users to edit levels while playing online, and getting items they were not supposed to get. That way, players could beat extremely hard levels in a matter of seconds, and basically ruining world records for said levels (as nobody could have any hope to beat them, other than fellow “hackers”).

The player who found that glitch went and contacted a famous Super Mario Maker streamer, who then proceeded to try and contact Nintendo without making the glitch public (in order to avoid trolls abusing it). They did so via… LinkedIn. In the end, the glitch was indeed fixed by Nintendo, who thanked the duo with… a copyright strikedown on the private video they sent via LinkedIn.

Check out the Source link for the full story!

Source: Kotaku


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