Stella Glow: trailer and screenshots for the Harbingers

Stella GlowIn Stella Glow, you play as Alto: a member of the Regnant Knights’ 9th Regiment, who is trying to save the world from Hilda (the Witch of Destruction). She wants nothing more than destroy the world… or rather save it, by killing every single living thing (talk about a radical remedy!). To help her, she has gathered some very nasty individuals to serve has underlings: they are called the Harbingers.

We have:

  • Dante: Hilda’s right-hand man. He really charming master spearman, always smirking.
  • Dorothy: a real psycho who loves three things… chainsaws, bunnies, and ripping people apart. Talk about a charming young lady!
  • Hrodulf: he’s not as bloodthirsty as Dorothy, but he’s the kind of person who prefer to ask questions after using his axe.

Here’s the trailer and some screenshots for the Harbingers:

Stella Glow (3DS) comes out November 17th in North America, and next Spring in Europe. A demo version will be released next Tuesday on the North American Nintendo eShop.

Source: Atlus


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