Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival retail-only in Europe?

Animal CrossingWhen Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival comes out in Europe, on November 20th, it will be available in a bundle including:

  • the game itself (disc)
  • three amiibo cards (Goldie, Rosie, Stitches)
  • two amiibo (Isabelle and Digby)

Unfortunately, it looks like the game will not be available via the Nintendo eShop, at least not at launch. A listing on the Wii U eShop shows that the game will only be available on disc (at retail), but at the same time, the page gives the filesize of the game (2443MB): a pretty useless piece of information since you cannot install games from the disc.

Therefore, there are several possibilities:

  • this is a mistake and/or the page will be updated later
  • download codes will be sold via the usual retailers (GAME, Nintendo UK Store), but the game itself will not be available via the Nintendo eShop
  • the game will not be available via the Nintendo eShop at launch, but will be added later
  • the game will never be sold via the Nintendo eShop

No doubt Nintendo will clarify all this in the upcoming weeks.

Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival (Wii U) comes out on November 13th in North America, November 20th in Europe, and November 21st in Japan.

Source: Nintendo eShop
Thanks Yannick for the heads up!



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