Stella Glow: trailer and screenshots for Song Magic

Stella GlowYesterday, Atlus USA shared a new trailer and some screenshots for one of the central mechanics of Stella Glow: Song Magic. There’s only five persons in the game who can use it… and one of them is Hilda, the Witch of Destruction, who is trying to destroy humanity with it. As Alto, the protagonist, your job is to gather the remaining four witches and get them to help you fight Hilda.

During battles, the Song Stone meter will gradually fills: when it’s full, you can use the Song Magic of one of your witches. It allows you to weaken enemies, give a buff to your allies, or heal them, depending on the song used. During Free Time, you can tune the heart of the witches: this allows them to learn new song (there’s 20 of them in total).

Song Magic can really make a difference during battles, so it doesn’t matter which playstyle you chose: make sure to use it often!

Here’s the latest trailer and screenshots for Stella Glow, focusing on Song Magic:

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Stella Glow (3DS) comes out on November 17th in North America.

Source: Atlus


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