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Splatoon: two new weapons to be added in a few hours (Bullet Spinner / Bucket Slosher); videos

When Nintendo detailed the first major Software update for Splatoon, in July, they made it pretty clear that new content (map and weapons) for Splatoon would still be added to the game on a regular basis. The point is obviously to keep players interested, so that they keep on playing without getting bored with the same weapons and maps.

Splatoon 1In a few hours, Nintendo will release the first major Software update for Splatoon (Ver 2.0.0), with quite a bit of new content included. But that’s not all: two new weapons will also be added to the game. Unsurprisingly, they’re from the two types added with the 2.0.0 update: the Splatling Gun and the Slosher.

Here’s the two weapons to be added in a few hours:

– Bullet Spinner: comes with the Splash Wall and the Ink Strike;
– Bucket Slosher: comes with Burst Bombs and the Ink Strike.

Here’s some pictures for those new weapons:

The new weapons will be added tomorrow at:

– Europe: 4AM
– UK: 3AM
– North America (EDT): 10PM (August 5th)
– North America (PDT): 7PM (August 5th)
– Japan: 11AM

Head after the break for various video for the 2.0.0 update!

Source: Nintendo


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