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Hue coming to Wii U in Early 2016, trailer and screens

Last week, Curve Digital announced yet another indie game for the Wii U: Hue. This one is a puzzle/platformer where colours are the central element of gameplay, as you shift them in order to overcome obstacles and solve puzzles. It is being developed by Fiddlesticks, funded by Kuju Startups (a video games investment fund who help indie developers), and published by Curve Digital.

Hue takes place in a world where everyone sees in grayscale. One day, a researcher (specialised in colour theory) called Anne creates a special ring, which allows its wearer to not only see the colours but also alter them. Unfortunately, she ends up sucked into a coloured void: you get to play as her son, who will travel the world in order to discover pieces of his mother’s research and learn to perceive colours.

Here’s a teaser trailer and some screenshots for the game:

Source: Curve Digital / Fiddlesticks


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