Splatoon 2 will have 8 stages at launch

Back when Splatoon was released, in May 2015, there was a pretty limited number of stages at launch: only 5 (and two game modes: Turf War and Battle Dojo). Of course, that number quickly grew, with the frequent addition of new stages as part of the regular free updates. And a few months ago, Nintendo confirmed that they would follow a similar strategy for content (including weapons) for Splatoon 2.

Today, the Squid Research Lab revealed that Splatoon 2 would have a total of 8 stages available at launch (that’s 3 more than Splatoon). Of course, not all of them will be playable at the same time: Nintendo will cycle through the various stages by set of 2, switched every 2 hours.

Here’s the list of the 8 stages available at launch in Splatoon 2:

  • The Reef
  • Mussleforge Fitness
  • Inkblot Art Academy
  • Humpback Pump Track
  • Starfish Mainstage
  • Port Mackerel
  • Sturgeon Shipyard
  • Moray Towers

As you already know, Splatoon 2 will feature several returning stages from Splatoon (including the fan-favorite: Moray Towers). In a Famitsu interview to be published in a few hours, the developers confirmed that not all stages from the original would return in this sequel, and those that do come back will have various adjustements and modifications.

Regarding new maps coming soon, Nintendo revealed a couple of them during the Nintendo Direct a few days ago: click here to check them out! Unfortunately, we don’t know when they will be released, but if Splatoon is anything to go by, we won’t have to wait very long before the first additional stages is added to the game.

Make sure to keep an eye out on this post to never miss any announcement: additional stages, additional weapons, and more. For Splatfests, it’s this post!

Splatoon 2 (Switch) comes out on July 21st worldwide!

Source: Squid Research Lab



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