Nintendo Switch Online app now available for download

Back when Nintendo properly revealed the Nintendo Switch, during the Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 in January, Nintendo introduced its online service for the Nintendo Switch. Unlike the competition, many of the features related to that service (such as voice chat) work via an app for smart devices, logically called Nintendo Switch Online.

That app will make its debut with Splatoon 2, and will include the SplatNet 2 service (check out this post for more details). But you won’t have to wait for Splatoon 2 to download it: it’s already available on both Android and iOS!

Here’s the link for both stores:

  • Google Play (requires Android 4.4 and more recent, and about 22MB of free space on your device)
  • App Store (requires iOS 9 or more recent, and about 98.5MB)

Interestingly enough, the app is already in Ver. 1.0.4 on both Android and iOS, which seems to be the initial version of the app (at least, for the general public). It’s useable in the following languages:

  • English
  • Dutch
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish

Needless to say, the app requires that you have a Nintendo Switch console and supported Software in order to use the app. Of course, a Nintendo Account is required, and in fact, it’s the very first thing you need to do at launch: sign in to your account. After that, there’s not much for you to do until you get a compatible game (the first one being Splatoon 2).

Regarding voice chat, it looks like you will be able to split it between either all players, or only your team (though this apparently depends on the game you’re playing). The screenshots below also reveal some additional tidbits, but nothing groundbreaking or anything.

Here’s some additional details:

● You can try this app for free until the launch of the full, paid version of the Nintendo Switch Online membership service in 2018.
● Following the full release of the service, a paid membership will be required to continue using this app. You will also need to update the app.
● A Nintendo Switch console and supported software are required to use the service.
● You must have a Nintendo Account for ages 13 and up in order to use the service.
● In addition to Nintendo Switch friends, this app can also match you with acquaintances from social networks.
● Permanent internet connection required for use.

And finally, here’s some screenshots:

Here’s some more screenshots of the app:

The Nintendo Switch Online app will be properly launched on July 21st, alongside Splatoon 2.



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