Rune Factory 3 Special: all the latest details, pictures, and videos

Rune Factory 3 Special is a remaster of Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon. It will launch on March 2nd in Japan, and this Spring in Europe and North America. And in the weeks and months leading to that launch, Marvelous are planning to share various details, pictures, and videos for the game. In this post, you will find everything in one place, with regular updates!

December 2nd

Rune Factory 3 Special introduces a new difficulty level, called Hell. If you’re looking for a challenge, this is the difficulty level for you… provided you are ready for monsters that deal even more damage!

Also, here’s some more details about one of the bachelorettes: Sakuya!

She dreams of one day running the inn and is always trying to find new ways to attract customers…

December 1st

If you have save data for Rune Factory 4 Special on your Nintendo Switch, you will be able to unlock a special costume in Rune Factory 3 Special. It’s based on Les, the protagonist of Rune Factory 4!

Also, here’s some more details about one of the bachelorettes (Shara) and a screenshot of Collette!

November 29th

Rune Factory 3 Special features the brand new Newlywed Mode, where you can enjoy your married life through various new scenarios (complete with new animations!).

And here’s some more details about one of the bachelorettes: Sofia!

November 24th

Daria (voiced by Yui Horie in Japanese) is an artist who lives in Privera Forest. She’s known for her pushy personality, appointing the player as her assistant and ordering them around. Her artistic sensibilities are certainly unique, and most people around her just don’t get her.

November 23rd

Here’s some more details about one of the bachelorettes, Carmen!

Both energetic (and a little bossy…), she’s very easily to be excited about things, especially fishing!

November 22nd

Kurune (voiced by Mai Nakahara in Japanese) is one of the bachelorettes, and the leader of the village of monsters (do note the horn on her head). Don’t be fooled by her appearance: she may look young, but she’s actually several hundred year old! But while she may be more mature than she looks, she does have a sweet side: she is exceedingly fond of sweets and flowers!

November 19th

Here’s some more details about one of the bachelorettes… Raven!

November 17th

Raven (voiced by Emiri Katou in Japanese) is one of the bachelorettes. She works and lives at the blacksmith’s. Because of a certain secret of hers, she’s not very talkative, and can be quite intimidating. People around her find her rather unfriendly.

Also, today’s update shares some more details about another bachelorette… Pia!

November 15th

Carmen (voiced by Haruka Tomotsu in Japanese) is one of the bachelorettes. She runs the fishing hut with her older brother, and so it’s hardly a surprise that she would be fond of fishing. She’s a bit of a tomboy. While she does get along with her brother, she’s rather fed up with his overprotective nature.

November 11th

Sakuya (voiced by Rouko Shintani in Japanese) is one of the bachelorettes. Along with her mother, she runs the inn. She loves to travel, which is why she buys and sells various products she finds on her trips. She does not lack in common sense, and has a strong business sense. Her personality changes radically whenever money is involved.

November 8th

Sofia (voiced by Minori Chihara in Japanese) is one of the bachelorettes. She’s a young lady who lives in the biggest mansion in town. She is a honest but lonely person. She has taken the unusual (and confusing!) habit of speaking in opposites. For example, she will say “good” for “bad”, and vice-versa.

November 1st

Pia (voiced by Aya Endou in Japanese) is one of the bachelorettes. She just loves baths, which explains why she’s in charge of the baths at the Inn. She lives at her own pace, and is always in high spirits. She has a spontaneous side, and often has trouble engaging in conversation with the people around her.

October 26th

Karina (voiced by Shizuka Itou in Japanese) is one of the bachelorettes. She helps out at the general store ran by her mother. She’s so lazy, she even tries to talk as little as possible. Even if her mother asks her to help at the store, she just falls asleep instead of serving customers.

October 25th

Marian (voiced by Ari Ozawa in Japanese), one of the bachelorettes, is a witch and a doctor in training. She loves injections so much, she can’t help but try to give one to everyone she meets. She’s a bit of a troublemaker who always involves others when she’s testing out the new medical treatments she often comes up with.

October 20th

Collette (voiced by Eri Kitamura in Japanese) is one of the bachelorettes, and the poster girl of Blaise’s Diner.

She has lots of admiration for her father, which probably explains why she aspires to become a chef like him. Don’t be fooled by her small stature: Collette just loves to eat, and is an uncontested champion at eating contests. She’s feels insecure about her size, as she believes it makes her look younger than she actually is.

October 18th

Shara (voiced by Fukari Yukui) is one of the bachelorettes, and the poster girl of the flower shop. She’s kind a girl who loves flower, and treats everyone the same without any discrimination.

October 14th

Micah (voiced by Ryouko Shiraishi in Japanese) is the protagonist. He’s a young man suffering from amnesia. One day, he’s found unconscious after falling from the sky, and after that, he goes to live in Sharance (a village). Micah can transform into a beast (a Wooly, to be precise), and throughout the game, he works towards stopping the conflict between humans and beasts.

Rune Factory 3 Special (Switch) comes out on March 2nd in Japan. No release date for Europe and North America yet, but the game is slated for a Spring release in those two regions.


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