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RIVE: Nintendo Switch version confirmed, will feature exclusive expansion

A few months ago, we learned that the Wii U version of RIVE was delayed to an unspecified date, and that it might in fact not even be released at all. The problem came from the fact that the game was too demanding for the console, especially since Two Tribes wanted it to run at a rock-solid 60FPS.

Back then, they explained that they would try one more time with the Wii U version, but that was more than 7 months ago. It was pretty clear RIVE was not coming to the Wii U after all, and Two Tribes confirmed it today: this version of the game has been canned.

But instead, RIVE will be released on the Nintendo Switch, where players will be able to enjoy the intense twin-stick action of the game at a rock-solid 60FPS. This version of the game is being developed in collaboration with Engine Software, who have quite a few quality ports under their belt.

More details about this version of the game will come at a later date, but we already have a nice tidbit: it will include an “exclusive expansion”.

Here’s what Two Tribes had to say about RIVE coming to the Nintendo Switch:

RIVE is a great fit for Nintendo Switch. It was always intended as an explosive ode to the action games of the early nineties. Nostalgic, yet thoroughly modern. And we feel that Nintendo Switch, too, is all about bringing the experience from our youth, playing deep and skill-based games together, to the current day.

RIVE (Switch – eShop) will be released later this year in Europe and North America. The list of confirmed games for the Nintendo Switch and the Upcoming Releases page have both been updated.

Source: Two Tribes


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