Puzzle & Dragons: another game coming to Nintendo 3DS, called Puzzle & Dragons X

Puzzle & Dragons Z is a Nintendo 3DS title based on the famous Puzzle & Dragons game, on smartphones. It adds an overworld, story, and various other bonus content, making it a full-fledged RPG with the gameplay of Puzzle & Dragons. It was pretty successful in Japan, with over 1.5 million copies shipped.

It was followed by Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros. Edition in April, this year. It’s basically a Mario-themed version of Puzzle & Dragons, but without any of the extra (overworld, story) from Puzzle & Dragons Z. Both versions came out in May in Europe and North America, as part of a single package.

In Japan, Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros. Edition didn’t sell nearly as much as Puzzle & Dragons Z, but it looks like GungHo isn’t ready to give up on the Nintendo 3DS just yet. This month, CoroCoro magazine will reveal a mysterious new Puzzle & Dragon game for Nintendo’s handheld, which is mentioned on the cover.

Unfortunately, we have absolutely no details at the moment: all we know is that the game will be on Nintendo 3DS. We don’t know if it will be a “sequel” to Puzzle & Dragons Z, a game based on another Nintendo licence, or something else entirely. No doubt it will all be revealed tomorrow in the Japanese Nintendo Direct!

Here’s the scan from CoroCoro magazine:

Source: CoroCoro
Via: Hachima



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