Story of Seasons will come out in Q1 2016 in Europe


Here’s the European boxart for Story of Seasons:

Story of SeasonsStory of Seasons is the name of the latest entry in the Harvest Moon series, now known as Story of Seasons in the West (due to Natsume, owners of the trademark, using it for their own series). It was released back in February 2014 in Japan, and March 2015 in North America, but it will not come out in Europe until next year.

Earlier today, Nintendo announced that they would publish Story of Season in Europe, in Q1 2016. No further details was revealed, but since Nintendo is publishing it, we can assume the game will be translated in some other languages (French and German at the very least). We should be getting more details in the upcoming days/weeks.

Here’s some screenshots for Story of Seasons on Nintendo 3DS:

Story of Seasons (3DS) comes out in Q1 2016 in Europe.

Source: Nintendo



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