Project X Zone 2: Brave New World officially announced, trailer and screens

Last week, we heard from an event in Italy than Bandai-Namco was working on a sequel to Project X Zone, called Project X Zone 2: Brave New World. Today, very early in the morning (or yesterday in the evening if you live in North America!) Bandai-Namco confirmed the news, and gave more details about this 3DS game.

For starters, it was confirmed that Monolith Software (who made the first game) is back for this sequel, which will come out this Autumn. What’s more, the western release is confirmed from the get go: Japan, Europe and North America will all get the game (though not necessarily on the same day/week).

Bandai-Namco also confirmed that characters from the following series will return, along with brand new characters:

– Tekken, Tales of Vesperia, God Eater or .hack// series (Bandai-Namco)
– Devil May Cry, Mega Man and Resident Evil series (CAPCOM)
– Sakura Wars, Yakuza: Dead Souls and Virtua Fighter (SEGA).

Here’s a list of confirmed characters (bolded are newcomers):

– Chris Redfield (Resident Evil/Capcom)
– Jill Valentine (Resident Evil/Capcom)
Leon Kennedy (Resident Evil/Capcom)
– Kazuma Kiryu (Yakuza/Sega)
– Goro Majima (Yakuza/Sega)

– Yuri Lowell (Tales of/Bandai Namco)
– Flynn Scifo (Tales of/Bandai Namco)
– Dante (Devil May Cry/Capcom)
Vergil (Devil May Cry/Capcom)
– Ichiro Oogami (Sakura Wars/Sega)
– Erica Fontaine (Sakura Wars/Sega)
– Jin Kazama (Tekken/Bandai Namco)
Kazuya Mishima (Tekken/Bandai Namco)
X (Mega Man X/Capcom)
– Zero (Mega Man X/Capcom)
– Akira Yuki (Vitrtua Fighter/Sega)
Kage-Maru (Vitrtua Fighter/Sega)
– Kite (.hack/Bandai Namco)
Haseo (.hack/Bandai Namco)
– Strider Hiryu (Strider/Capcom)
– Hotsuma (Shinobi/Sega)
– Natsu (SoulCalibur/Bandai Namco)

– Reiji Arisu (Namco x Capcom/Bandai Namco)
– Xiaomu (Namco x Capcom/Bandai Namco)

In its Press Release, Bandai-Namco announced that the first Project X Zone had sold/shipped over 400 000 units worldwide. In order to ensure the sequel does even better in the west, and especially in Europe, Project X Zones 2: Brave New World will have subtitles in French, Spanish, Italian and German along with the English subtitles.

Here’s the first trailer for Project X Zone 2 – Brave New World:

And finally, here’s some screenshots:

Project X Zone 2: Brave New World (3DS) comes out this Autumn, worldwide.

Source: Bandai-Namco / Famitsu / NeoGAF



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