Osomatsu-san Matsumatsuri: more mini-games detailed, extras

Osomatsu-san Matsumatsuri is a Nintendo 3DS game based on the popular Osomatsu-san series. It’s basically a mini-game compilation, where you can unlock illustrations, voice clips, background, and more. The goal is to make sure the brother you’ve picked up become as popular as possible, in order to unlock everything.

Today, Famitsu shared some additional details and screenshots for the game, again showcasing the mini-games. The following are detailed:

  • Fishing Hole: your goal is pretty simple… get the highest score possible by fishing;
  • Horse Races: a sidescrolling horse racing mini-game. Obviously, your goal is to reach the finish line first!
  • Zero Gravity Spiral: your goal is to guide one of the brothers throughout the galaxy, while avoiding obstackes;
  • Group Date Frontline: a tower defense game, where you have to stop the other brothers so that they do not interrupt the group date;
  • Whac-a-Matsuno: an Osomatsu-san variant of the famous Whac-a-mole game.

But that’s not all: Osomatsu-san Matsumatsuri also features some tools, such as clocks, calculators, and more. Naturally, they all feature the Matsuno brothers:

  • Clock: two designs available;
  • Calculator: three designs available;
  • Timer: three voice types available.

Here’s some screenshots for those mini-games and tools from Osomatsu-san Matsumatsuri:

Osomatsu-san Matsumatsuri (3DS) comes out on December 22nd in Japan.

Source: Famitsu



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