Order Land: Kickstarter campaign for English localisation

You probably remember Vroom in the night sky, a rather wacky game from Poisoft (a Japanese indie studio known for their wacky games like Splash or Crash / Kersploosh, but also RPGs) that was among the very first released on Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, the game was poorly received in great part due to the rather awkard translation, though this wasn’t the only issue with the game.

Their second Nintendo Switch game was released pretty recently in Japan, and it’s called Order Land. It was previously released on Nintendo 3DS, but never made it to Europe and North America. Fortunately, it looks the Nintendo Switch has a shot of getting an English release… provided the Kickstarter campaign for its localisation is successful.

To make it happen, Poisoft needs 5 000 000 Yen… now don’t go running away by such a huge number, it’s only about 37 555€ / $44 514 / £33 643. As of writing, the Kickstarter campaign is pretty far from reaching its goal, with only 112 238 Yen pledged (843€ / $1000 / £755). The campaign runs until November 12th.

Here’s the video for the Kickstarter campaign, that explains what Order Land is all about:

Unlike Vroom in the nightsky or Kersploosh / Splash or Crash, Order Land is a RPG, and one with a ton of text. Therefore, localisation is quite the endeavour, especially for a small indie studio like Poisoft. And after Vroom in the night sky, it’s definitely for the best that Order Land is to get a professional localisation, because text is pretty crucial in a RPG!

If you’re interested in Order Land, and would like to see it translated into English, make sure to check out the Kickstarter campaign. The page also features a lot more details about the game, so don’t hesitate to go check it out even if you just want to know more about Order Land itself.



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