No More Heroes 3: soundtrack sampler, more footage, and screenshots

Update: Marvelous have announced that the soundtrack sampler would be available an extra month (until September 30th at 11.59PM JST / 4.59PM CEST / 3.59PM BST / 8.59AM EST / 5.59AM PST).


In exactly one week (on August 27th), the long-awaited No More Heroes 3 (the first numbered entry in the series in over a decade) will finally be released on Nintendo Switch worldwide.

And ahead of that release, Marvelous have shared 20 tracks from the soundtrack (nearly 1 hour of music!) on YouTube. You can listen to them (legally) until September 30th (11.59PM JST). Unfortunately, we don’t know if/when the full album will be released, but that sample might indicate a (worldwide) release is indeed in the works.

Here’s the soundtrack sample:

And here’s the tracklist with the timestamps:

  • 00:00 01.I L Y/Nobuaki Kaneko
  • 03:20 02.Start the game./Jun Fukuda
  • 05:09 03.Phantom Skate ( Gokko of Itachi )/Nobuaki Kaneko
  • 08:50 04.hikuidori bite/Nobuaki Kaneko
  • 11:39 05.ITADAKIMASU/MEEBEE Feat Okumura.
  • 14:33 06.Gold Joe/MEEBEE & Tony Astro
  • 16:38 07.UFO Passage/MEEBEE & Jun Fukuda
  • 18:45 08.B’s Theme/MEEBEE & Baku Furukawa
  • 21:36 09.Naomi’s Lab./Jun Fukuda
  • 23:57 10.Gozz ( New World Order )/Sekitova
  • 25:44 11.Awesome Holyday in the Sky/Nobuaki Kaneko
  • 27:55 12.Musical Chair/WHALE TALX & annie the clumsy
  • 31:06 13.Octopus ( Deadly Seppun )/Nobuaki Kaneko
  • 35:25 14.Head-On Fight/DJ2nd & MEEBEE
  • 39:15 15.Beast Test ( O-Juken )/Nobuaki Kaneko
  • 42:20 16.Feast Matsuri/Nobuaki Kaneko
  • 44:44 17.Dead Orca Force/Nobuaki Kaneko
  • 50:04 18.SPACE SHEATH/Professional Hamburger (Ex.Mandokoro Takano)
  • 51:37 19.gravedigger/Nobuaki Kaneko
  • 54:27 20.Night in Prague/Nobuaki Kaneko

Also, if you want to see more of the game, here’s a compilation of video clips shared by Nintendo on social media over the past few weeks:

But that’s not all! Nintendo have also shared footage of the Gold Joe boss fight:

And if that’s not enough, 4Gamer have also shared their preview for the game. It’s only available in Japanese, but there’s quite a lot of brand new screenshots to check out!

And finally, here’s some more details for the game:

Armed with his trusty Beam Katana, the otaku-cum-assassin Travis Touchdown takes on a whole slew of eccentric enemies in a battle to the death as he fights his way to the top of the United Assassins Association in this latest game in the No More Heroes series. In this installment, Travis must take on a gang of the galaxy’s most nefarious superheroes. Face off against the most eccentric enemies yet in a galactic-scale war, experience the mind-blowing twists and turns in the story, and enjoy the most advanced Beam Katana action yet. Lose yourself in this all-new iteration of the Garden of Madness!

No More Heroes 3 (Switch) comes out on August 27th worldwide.

Source: 4Gamer


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