Nintendo Switch: “new” bundle in the United States ($35 eShop credit offer)

Last week, Nintendo announced a revised forecast for the current Fiscal Year (ending on March 31st), revealing that the company was now planning to sell “only” 17 million units of its popular Nintendo Switch console (as opposed to 20 million announced initially). There’s been fair bit of speculation regarding that move, including rumblings from Nikkei about a Nintendo Switch “Mini” model.

One thing’s for sure: the company is serious about meeting that revised goal. Last week, Nintendo re-issued the Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! / Let’s Go Eevee! bundle in Japan (leading to a significant increase in sales). And today, Nintendo of America announced a “new” bundle for the console in the United States.

This new bundle will be released on February 15th, and will cost $299.99. It will not include a single game, but will instead come with a $35 voucher to be used on the Nintendo eShop. While this will not be enough to buy a retail game at full price, it certainly will be for a retail game on sale, or for a couple of quality indie games (and there’s certainly a lot of them to choose from!).

Here’s what the packaging of this bundle looks like:

Right now, it’s not clear whether there will be a similar offer in other countries/regions, such as Canada, Europe, or Australia / New Zealand. Of course, if there is, we will make sure to have a post as soon as possible!

As usual, you can find the complete list of Nintendo Switch bundles and models on this page!

Source: Nintendo PR


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