Nintendo news (Dec. 24): Christmas / Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Today’s Nintendo news: various Christmas illustrations / GIFs / videos from Nintendo, but also…

  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
  • ARMS
  • Tool Assisted Speedrun


To celebrate Christmas, Nintendo shared various illustrations, GIFs, and videos. First, here’s a GIF from the official Super Mario Odyssey Twitter account in Japan:

And here’s a video clip from Nintendo of Europe (sadly, no message from the President this year):

Next: a neat Christmas illustration from HAL Laboratory:

And finally, here’s a special illustration from the Squid Research Lab, wishing everyone a Merry Christmas Fishmas!

Source: HAL Laboratory (Twitter) / Squid Research Lab (Twitter)

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Here’s the livestream recordings for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate @ Day 2 of Jump Festa 2019:


Battle 3 of the Party Crash Bash took place last weekend, and it’s Max Brass who ended up winning against Helix. The full results, including the worldwide leaderboards, will be shared tomorrow!

Source: Nintendo (Twitter)

Tool Assisted Speedrun

Here’s the latest Tool Assisted Speedrun video for Nintendo games:

  • Mario Party (Nintendo 64) “Mini-Game Island” by Doomsday31415 in 34:58.08
  • Mario Party (Nintendo 64) “Mini-Game Island” by Doomsday31415 in 34:58.08 (same Tool Asssisted Speedrun, but without the mini-game explanations and results)



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