Nintendo news (Dec. 14): Super Mario Run / Mario Party: Star Rush

Today’s Nintendo news: recording of the Shigeru Miyamoto presentation about Super Mario Run at the Soho Apple Store on December 8th, but also…

  • Mario Party: Star Rush
  • Fire Emblem Fates
  • Super Mario Maker

Super Mario Run

Last week, Shigeru Miyamoto was at the Soho Apple Store, in order to talk about Super Mario Run and the Super Mario franchise in general. If you were not able to attend in person, you can now watch the full recording of the presentation in iTunes: click here!

Here’s an excerpt:

Speaking of Super Mario Run, here’s the latest animation:

Super Mario Run (iOS) comes out on December 15th worldwide, and at a later date on Android.

Mario Party: Star Rush

Here’s the latest commercial for Mario Party: Star Rush on Nintendo 3DS:

Fire Emblem Fates

Today, Nintendo shared an infographic for Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright and Conquest. It compares Nohr and Hoshido, and more precisely the members of the royal family. Click here to check it out!

Super Mario Maker

Yesterday Polygon uploaded the last episode of their “Devs Make Mario” video series, where famous game creator try their hand at Super Mario Maker in order to make a level. For the finale, they went and ask ZUN, creator of the Touhou series. Here’s the level he made:

Want to try out this level? Here’s the course ID: 8192-0000-02CE-AA88. Alternatively, you can use Super Mario Maker Bookmark to bookmark it!


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