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Natsume: 8 GameBoy Advance titles coming to Wii U Virtual Console, more info

Virtual Console

For a few weeks now, Natsume has been teasing the release of various GameBoy Advance titles on the Wii U Virtual Console. Yesterday, the company confirmed that there would be a total of 8 games, though we still don’t know which ones just yet. The first one will be released sometime in June, and the others will follow throughout the rest of 2015, at regular intervals.

Natsume also explained how games are released on the Virtual Console. First of all: it’s Nintendo that handles most of the work. First, the publisher discusses with Nintendo in order to determine which titles to bring back on the service. Then, the two companies work together in order to release the games on the Virtual Console, with Nintendo handling most of the work.

Finally, Natsume confirmed that Pocky & Rocky on the SNES will most likely never come out on the Wii U Virtual Console, as Nintendo’s interest seems to have moved on to other classic systems.

Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley

Earlier this week, Natsume released the third DLC for Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley. It includes: new crops, recipes, and flowers, as well as the usual mutations for those. The new seeds can be found at Sam & Iris.

This new DLC is free until May 19th, and then, it will cost 0.99$ (with the exception of the flower seed, which will remain free forever just like the first two DLCs!).

Source: Natsume / Natsume


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