Monster Hunter Tokuban 2016 Autumn livestream announced for Thursday

Earlier today, Nintendo announced that there would be a Nintendo Direct presentation on Thursday, entirely focused on the Monster Hunter series. It will be hosted by none other than Ryozo Tsujimoto, the Producer of the series. We don’t know what will be announced exactly, just that it’s highly unlikely it will not be for the Nintendo 3DS (the page specifies there will be no Nintendo Switch news).

But that’s not all: Capcom just announced that the Monster Hunter Direct presentation would be followed by a Monster Hunter Tokuban 2016 Autumn livestream. There already was one back in July 2015, where Monster Hunter X was showcased, so this will be the second one.

For this one, Capcom promises the latest news about the Monster Hunter series. Since it will be livestreamed right after the Nintendo Direct presentation, there’s no doubt it will showcase whichever game is announced then. Monster Hunter Stories (Nintendo 3DS) and Monster Hunter Spirits (Arcade) will also be played lived.

Here’s when this Monster Hunter Tokuban 2016 Autumn livestream will take place:

  • Europe: 1.30PM
  • UK: 12.30PM
  • North America (EST): 7.30AM
  • North America (PST): 4.30AM
  • Japan: 8.30PM

NB: the livestream takes place afer the Nintendo Direct, but that does not mean the Nintendo Direct will last 30mn.

Links and livestreams:

Source: Capcom


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