Monster Hunter Stories / X / XX: details and pics for the Monster Hunter: The Real collab. content

Monster Hunter: The Real – Monster Hunter X / XX

Earlier this week, Nintendo finally gave some more details about the “Nintendo Land” attractions, coming soon to several Universal theme parks. But it’s not the first video-game related attractions for Universal, who has been holding several Monster Hunter: The Real events at the Osaka park.

And naturally, those events are always the occasion for Capcom to distribute some exclusive content for Monster Hunter players. This week, the company shared some details on what they call the largest distribution of additional content for Monster Hunter: The Real. This distribution will take place from January 13th to June 25th, and will have three phases.

The first one will last until March 17th, and will allow players to get the USJ Real Pack for Monster Hunter X (Generations). It includes some useful items, that can then be transferred over to Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross). Speaking of that game, it will also get some collaboration content at a later date!

The second phase will be from March 18th to May 7th, and the third one from May 8th to June 25th. During those, players will be able to download special quests, in order to get materials used to craft special equipment.

Next, here’s a few pictures for Monster Hunter: The Real (food, merchandise, attractions):

Monster Hunter: The Real – Monster Hunter Stories

Just like Monster Hunter X and XX, Monster Hunter Stories will also get its collaboration content, the only difference is that the distribution will take place from January 13th to June 25th (no separate phases). Also, contents will not be made available to everyone at a later date: you will have to go to the Monster Hunter: The Real event yourself to get them.

Here’s the contents to be distributed:

  • special tournament – USJ: Dream * Ride * Show (Rank = Platinum): win this special tournament, and get some exclusive armour (but only the first time around);
  • special VS rules – USJ: if you win matches with those, you can get tickets (for Production Quests), that are used to get a special weapon called “Star Cool Blade” (a Great Sword);
  • special subquest: allows you to get the necessary materials to craft a special outfit for Nabirou (called Nabi-suit);
  • special Rider Card background;
  • special titles: Universal, Studio, USJ, Wonder, World’s Best, Reborn, Cool.

Source: Famitsu


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