Megami Meguri: pre-load now live, more details (size, mini-games, more)

Megami Meguri – Pre-load + details + screens

Since Wednesday, players with a Japanese Nintendo 3DS can pre-load Megami Meguri from the Nintendo eShop or Nintendo’s website. In doing so, they will be able to play the very minute the game goes live (at 12AM JST on December 8th), and without paying a single cent… because the game itself is Free 2 Play.

Here’s some “technical” details about the game, including the file size:

  • Genre: Communication
  • Players: 1
  • Stereoscopic display: No
  • File size: 2 599 blocks / 324MB
  • Save data files: 1
  • Save data file size: 0.128MB

Here’s some screenshots from the Nintendo eShop page:


Finally, here’s some additional screenshots for the game:

Source: Nintendo

Megami Meguri

Here’s a video featuring some gameplay footage, with the voice actresses for Megami and Amaterasu checking out the game together:

Megami Meguri – Mini-games and other details

During your trip across Japan, you will be able to play some mini-games with Tsukumo. This will not only be the occasion for you to take a little break, as playing those mini-games also allows you to increase Tsukumo’s stats. Kill two birds with one stone, as the saying goes!

Here’s the three mini-games:

  • In the first  one, you have to touch the back of a frog in order to make it jump. The goal is to move forward while Tsukumo is not watching (just like that game kids often play);
  • In the second one, you have to find the card with the same word that Tsukumo read earlier. If you chose the wrong one, then Tsukumo gets the card. Your goal is to end up with as many cards as possible;
  • In the third and final one, you have to guess whether the total of the numbers on your cards is higher or lower than Tsukumo’s. If you answer correctly, then you will get a point. If you look closely at Tsukumo’s cards, you can find some clues… just remember the words you taught her!

Here’s also some additional details about the game. While talking to Tsukumo, you can teacher her new words. Inside the Vocabulary Book, you will find all the words you taught her.

The game also includes a Serial Code system, that lets you get various items and even in-game currency. Serial codes can be found in various places, like related merchandise (such as the Main Theme CD), magazines, events, and more.

Source: / Gamer

Megami Meguri – Screenshots

Here’s plenty of additional screenshots for the game:

Source: Gamer

Megami Meguri – Soundtrack

The other day, Capcom shared two pictures of the Original Soundtrack album, included in the Collector’s Package edition of the game:

 Megami Meguri (3DS eShop) comes out on December 8th in Japan.



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