Monster Hunter Generations: December DLC Pack now available

Just like Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, Monster Hunter Generations is getting the same monthly packs of free DLC. Last month, Capcom release the fourth DLC Pack, which is still available for download. The company previously confirmed that they would be released on the first Friday of each month, up until the beginning of 2017.

Since today is December 2nd, the first Friday of December, that means it’s now time for the 5th DLC Pack! Here’s everything that’s included in this new DLC Pack for Monster Hunter Generations (spoilers: a LOT… again!):

Regular Quests

Quest: The Voracious King
Objective: Hunt a Hyper Deviljho
 Wing of Judgment
 Rage Set / Anat Set

Quest: The Steel Vanguard
Objective: Slay a Kushala Daora
 F Purrity Set

Quest: Dengeki: Turbulent Seas
Objective: Hunt a Hyper Lagiacrus
 Raikou Works
 Light Works
 Volt Works
 Inazuma Works
 Thunder Works
 Blitz Works

Quest: Capcom: The Ruler’s Rage
Objective: Slay an Akantor
 G Blade

Quest: Evil Descendeth Upon Us
Objective: Slay an Amatsu

Quest: Where Gods Fear to Tread
Objective: Slay an Alatreon

Quest: A Land Draped in Fantasy
Objective: Slay a Kirin

Quest: All’s Hair in Glove & War
Objective: Hunt a Hyper Rajang

Quest: Not Stepping One Foot…
Objective: Hunt a Hyper Brachydios

Quest: Anything For a Buck
Objective: Hunt a Great Maccao

Quest: A Mammoth Mistake
Objective: Hunt a Gammoth

Prowler Quests

Quest: SF: Ultimate Entrance Exam
Objective: Hunt a Volvidon and a Great Maccao
 F Chun-Li Set
 F Blanka Set

Arenas Challenges

Quest: Event: Endurance Quest 1
Objective: Slay a Tigrex, a Nargacuga, and a Zinogre

Quest: Event: Endurance Quest 2
Objective: Slay a Rajang and a Deviljho

Quest: Event: Endurance Quest 3
Objective: Slay a Hyper Gammoth, a Hyper Astalos, a Hyper Mizutsune, and a Hyper Glavenus


12x Guild Card Titles
4x Guild Card Backgrounds
1x Pet Costume: Disco Ball

Special Palicoes


To download all this DLC for Monster Hunter Generations, you have to:

  1. load your copy of Monster Hunter Generations
  2. access the Download menu from the start screen
  3. load your character
  4. talk to the following NPCs:
  • Regular Quests and Prowler Quests = Wycademy Gal at the Hunters Hub;
  • Challenge Quests = the Arena Instructor at the Hunters Hub;
  • Extras = purchased by using Wycademy Points from the Trader at the Palico Ranch (select “Limited Goods” option);
  • Special Palicoes = the Meowstress, Grandmeow or Grandmyama at all four villages;
  • Item Packs = the Housekeeper (select the “Claim Items” option).

The next DLC Pack will be available on January 6th, and it will be the final one!

Source: Capcom Unity


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