Miitomo: Super Mario Run promotion now live

In less than a week, Super Mario Run will finally be released (on iOS first), in over 150 countries. To celebrate, a special promotion has started in Miitomo, with plenty of Mario-themed goodies, and even a special sale.

Let’s start with that sale: starting today, and for an unlimited time, all players who purchase 1 000 Miitomo coins will get 4 000 Miitomo coins for free… that’s quite the deal! However, there’s a small restriction: you need to update Miitomo to Ver. 2.1.0, but at least, it doesn’t matter if you’ve previously purchased some Miitomo coins or not.

Here’s the Super Mario Run promo items proper:

  • Mario and Luigi items: until January 13th, all users can get the Mario Hat and the Mario Outfit, along with the Luigi Hat and the Luigi Outfit. It’s actually a continuation of the Big Update Promo;
  • Super Mario Run items in Miitomo Drop (until January 12th), with the following items:
  1. Super Mario Run wallpaper
  2. Super Mario Run flooring
  3. Toad Hat
  4. Toad Outfit
  5. Bowser Hat
  6. Bowser Outfit
  7. Princess Peach Wig
  • special items available in Miitomo Shop (until January 12th):
  1. Goomba companion
  2. Boo companion
  3. Super Mario Run Varsity Jacket

Finally, you can still get the Super Mario Bros. wallpaper and flooring by sending messages to friends, before January 12th.

Source: Miitomo


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