Miitomo: new update available (Ver. 2.0.1), full patchnotes and pictures (+ promo videos)

Miitomo came out in March worldwide, and was off to a really strong start. Unfortunately, it didn’t last very long, and despite several updates and promotional campaign, Nintendo hasn’t really managed to keep players interested, and many of them have simply stopped using the app.

In order to give Miitomo a second life, and attract both new and returning users, Nintendo has prepared a major update for the game. Originally announced during the meeting with investors, last month, Nintendo sent a notification last week to share more details about the update.

And following some maintenance, the update for Miitomo is finally available. It brings the app to Ver. 2.0.1, with the following changes/new features:

  • The ability to talk directly with your friends through “messages”: you can exchange messages with your friends using Mii characters as messengers. You can even make sure they have the right expression on their faces when they deliver your message!
  • The ability to customise your room with new flooring and wallpapers: unleash your inner interior decorator with wallpaper and flooring styles up for grabs through the Miitomo Drop minigame.
  • The ability to hang your favourite images on your room’s walls as posters: you can even make in-game posters out of images saved on your device!
  • The ability to share your outfits with the world through “Style Central”, and your answers through “Answer Central”: If you’ve ever wanted to show off your gorgeous outfits to the world, now you can! Miitomo users all over the world will be able to admire and give hearts to your creations, and you can even buy your favourites! Answer global questions and see answers from all over the world! See how many hearts and comments you can get on your answers!
  • The ability to create “Sidekick Mii” characters, who will have their own room: create new Mii characters to surround your main Mii with! Decorate their rooms, show off their sharp fashion sense in Style Central and send them as messengers to your friends!
  • The ability to check answers on your timeline: now you can see all your friends’ answers on your timeline even if you don’t talk to their Mii characters. You can keep an eye on your friends’ latest room decorating ventures too!
  • Smaller app size: data saving has been improved, resulting in a smaller, sleeker app.

To download this update, you simply need to tap on the notification that should appear on your device. Alternatively, you can simply go to Play Store (Android) the AppStore (iOS), and select the update from the list. You will need 16.41MB of free space on your Android device, and 79.6MB of free space on your iOS device.

To check that you have the latest version of Miitomo installed, simply launch the game: you should see Ver. 2.0.1 at the bottom right corner of the screen (alternatively, you can see that in the “Other” section of the Miitomo Menu).

Important notice: you need to download this mandatory update in order to keep using Miitomo. This time around, Nintendo doesn’t allow users to keep using an older version if they want. Also, if you’re using a rooted device (or one detected as such by Nintendo), you will need to update Security Bypasser: click here to learn more.

Here’s some screenshots for the update:

And here’s three promo videos:




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