Monster Hunter Stories getting Monster Hunter Spirits 2 sub-quests

A few days ago, Monster Hunter Stories already got some collaboration DLC content with another Monster Hunter title: Monster Hunter Generations. And today, Capcom announced that the game would get another similar collaboration, but this time with Monster Hunter Spirits 2: Triple Soul.

As usual, that DLC will be a set of special sub-quests, allowing players to get some useful items, special Otomon, and more, when cleared. But unlike the previous collaborations, the distribution method is radically different this time around.

For starters, each sub-quest is only available on a specific day. But also, players need to go download them from an Arcade center where Monster Hunter Spirits 2: Triple Souls is playable.

Here’s when the first set of sub-quests will be available:

  • Quest 1 (Rank: ★1): available on November 17th and 24th. Nets you some Lucky Ofda (x3)
  • Quest 2 (Rank: ★1): available on November 18th and 25th. Nets you some Sonic Bombs (x5)
  • Quest 3 (Rank: ★3): available on November 19th and 26th. Nets you some Pearls of Strength (x3)
  • Quest 4 (Rank: ★7): available on November 20th and 27th. Nets you a Yian Kut-Ku as Otomon, but also an item for strengthening Bird Wyvern monsters (x2)
  • Quest 5 (Rank: ★1): available on November 21th and 28th. Nets you some Health Powder (x5)
  • Quest 6 (Rank: ★2): available on November 22nd and 29th. Nets you some Special Training Ofda (x3)
  • Quest 7 (Rank: ★2): available on November 23rd and 30th. Nets you some Spicy Dumplings (x5)

Here’s some screenshots for those sub-quests:

Finally, here’s various goodies based on Monster Hunter Stories: RIDE ON (the anime series):

Source: Famitsu (1 / 2)



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