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Investor Briefing (Oct. 2016) – Kimishima on Miitomo (major update, friend list transfer for Super Mario Run)

During the usual meeting with investors, which always follows the presentation of the latest financial results, Nintendo talked about its mobile games, and more precisely Miitomo.

Launched in March, Miitomo is about to reach 15 million unique users. While this may seem like an impressive number at first glance, Kimishima confirmed that the game hasn’t been earning Nintendo much money.  That being said, this is pretty much what Nintendo was expecting, it seems.

Kimishima explains that Miitomo’s primary goal was to bring Nintendo’s entertainement to as many people as possible, around the world, but also to let players connect with their friends. Talking of friends, the friend relationships in Miitomo will be carried over to Super Mario Run, and Nintendo is actually making preparations to allow for just that.

Since Super Mario Run includes a mode where you compete against your friends, it’s certainly great news that players will be able to easily find their friends.

Also, Nintendo is working on a major update for Miitomo, which will add several new features.

miitomoOne of them is none other than a message feature that allows you to send messages to your friends using the facial expressions and voice of your Mii. Basically, Miitomo is about to become a fancy messaging app, though you will only be able to chat one-on-one. Unfortunately, we don’t know when that update will be released, or if it will be the next one or not.

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