Metroid Dread: official website (English) and more footage + screenshots

Over the past few weeks, Nintendo have shared quite a lot of details and videos for Metroid Dread (overview trailer, video clip, Metroid Dread reports, footage, and more). And they’re not quite done! The full official website in English has finally been launched (click here to check it out!), and it offers a treasure trove of information about the game (nothing really new, but with a few interesting tidbits).

Also, the website features quite a few video clips showcasing the game, the various gameplay systems, and more. Again, there’s nothing groundbreaking in those clips, though most of the footage is brand new.

Below, you will find a video with all the video clips found on the website:

NB: the footage on the website does not feature any sound (which is why this video is lacking sound too).

Next, here’s some more screenshots for the game:

Finally, here’s a commercial for the game:

Metroid Dread (Switch) comes out on October 8th worldwide.

Source: Famitsu


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