Megami Meguri will be F2P, more details, release date, screens

Yesterday, Capcom revealed plenty of details about Megami Meguri, it’s communication game for the Nintendo 3DS. Let’s start right away with Tsukumo, the goddess-in-training you’re traveling with in the game. She has to go on a pilgramage, in order to be acknowledged by her superiors: the Seven Pillar Goddesses.

The Seven Pillar Goddesses are:

  • Ame no Uzume (voiced by Mikoi Sasaki)
  • Sotorihime (voiced by Sae Ootsuka)
  • Kukurihime (voiced by Ayaka Imamura)
  • Konohana Sakuyahime (voiced by Aina Suzuki)
  • Toyota Mahime (voiced by Reina Ueda)
  • Ishikoridome (voiced by Asuka Ogame)
  • Ame no Sagume (voiced by Haruka Chisuga)

There’s also another Goddess: Amaterasu Okami (voiced by Yuka Ozaki). Her task consists in training other goddesses. She accompanies you and Tsukumo on your journey in her avatar form. She is know for her wide knowledge, her many talents, and her considerable spiritual power.

One could say she’s the chief of the Goddesses, but ended up getting manipulated by the goddesses with stronger personalities, and had to go through many hardships as a result. She’s a pretty caring and friendly goddess, and she’s trusted by her peers. She holds a pretty important position, and she’s actually worried she may look a bit too young.

Megami Meguri takes the form of a board game, and you roll the dice in order travel across railways. As mentioned previously, the game features over 9 000 train stations, based on actual stations found in Japan.

On the board, there are two types of spaces:

  • station spaces (green): they correspond to the various train stations found in Japan. If you stop on one, an even will occur. The type of event actually depends on the symbol on the space (see below for more details);
  • regular spaces (yellow): they correspond to tracks that connect stations. If you stop on one, an even will occur. The type of event actually depends on the symbol on the space (see below for more details);

Here’s the various types of symbols for the station spaces:

  • Superior Goddess: you have to undergo a trial from one of the Seven Pillar Goddesses;
  • Offering Box: you get offerings, which are required in order to meet one of the Seven Pillar Goddesses;
  • Wardrobe: you get clothes for Tsukumo, which can upgrade her abilities;
  • Ingredients: you get ingredients for cooking;
  • Specters: you have to get rid of specters.

And here’s the variois types of cymbols for the regular spaces:

  • Offering Coin: you get coins, which required to use Tsukumo’s supernatural abilities Obtain offering coins necessary for using supernatural abilities;
  • Mini Game: you get to enjoy a communication with Mikumo, which improves Tsukumo’s abilities.

If you land on a regular space without a symbol, you get to enjoy a regular conversation with Tsukumo.

A quick note about the Megami Speak Engine: the words you write will end up influencing Tsukumo. For example, she may change her hairstyle, based on your preferences.

Next, we have costumes (called Shini, literally God Clothing). Those not only change Tsukumo’s appearance, they also strengthen her powers, changes the way she speaks, and more.

Here’s some of the costumes showcased by Capcom:

  • Nurse: make Tsukumo talk like a nurse;
  • Cat dress: make Tsukumo add “-nya” at the end of each of her sentences;
  • Cheergirl
  • Traditional chinese clothings
  • Winter clothes
  • etc.

When Megami Meguri was announced, Capcom explained that it would be a game that would use IC Card, like SUICA, PASMO, etc. (used in public transportation in Japan). It can actually read the data on the card, which allows you to get items, trigger specific events or discussions based on the stations you’ve visited, and more.

For example, you can get special costumes if you’ve visited specific train stations using your IC Card. About the conversations, Tsukumo will ask you questions about where you’ve been what you’ve bought, and more.

Megami Meguri will be released on December 8th in Japan. It will be a Free 2 Play title, available via the Nintendo eShop, but it’s also getting a physical release at retail.

Capcom details the two editions the game is getting:

Collector’s Pack (sold 5 800 Yen)

  • Megami Meguri collector’s packaging
  • Special art book
  • Original soundtrack CD
  • A1-size “Summer-style Tsukumo” cloth poster
  • Download code for five exclusive costumes: “Relaxing Room Wear,” “Cute Maid,” “Attending Shrine Maiden Costume,” “Book Girl Sailor Outfit,” and “Wedding Dress”

Complete Edition (sold 9 800 Yen)

  • Megami Meguri Collector’s packaging
  • original art box (“Relaxing Room Wear”)
  • Megami Meguri acrylic multi-stand Tsukumo (“Relaxed Room Wear”)
  • Megami Meguri acrylic character stand Tsukumo (“Relaxed Room Wear”)
  • Megami Meguri original pass case
  • Megami Meguri micro-fiber cloth

Finally, here’s plenty of screenshots for the game, along with visual for the two retail editions:

As a bonus, here’s the recording of today’s Tokyo Game Show 2016 stage show livestream:

Megami Meguri (3DS eShop) comes out on December 8th in Japan. Our Upcoming Releases page has been updated!

Source: 4Gamer.net
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