Megami Meguri: pictures of the Collector’s Box contents, soundtrack CD tracklist

Megami Meguri comes out on December 8th in Japan, as a F2P title on the Nintendo 3DS. That being said, the game will get a retail release, with not one but two limited edition. We previously got a good look at the Complete Edition, but today, it’s the Collector’s Box that Capcom chose to showcase.

Here’s a reminder about its contents:

  • Megami Meguri collector’s packaging
  • Special art book (A4 size, 36 pages. Includes illustrations for Mikumo, the Seven Pillars Goddesses, interview/comments from the developers, storyboards for the opening animation, artworks of Tsukumo’s expressions, and more)
  • Original soundtrack CD
  • A1-size “Summer-style Tsukumo” cloth poster
  • Download code for five exclusive costumes: “Relaxing Room Wear,” “Cute Maid,” “Attending Shrine Maiden Costume,” “Book Girl Sailor Outfit,” and “Wedding Dress”

What we didn’t know before is that the pack would also include 20 jewels, in-game items you can use in different ways:

  • to “cheat” during the board game sections (you can teleport to another prefecture, influence the dice rolls, and more);
  • to open more than one treasure box (with costumes inside) at once;
  • retake a trial if you happen to fail. When you retake one, the difficulty is lowered.

Next, here’s the tracklist for the soundtrack CD:

  1. Megami Meguri – Game Size Version –
  2. Gatan Goton
  3. Hajimemashite
  4. Heaven’s Voice
  5. Kyoumi Shinshin
  6. Yukaina Kibunbun
  7. Tsukumo Kyun no Theme part. 1
  8. Tsukumo no Theme
  9. Gokigen Ikaga?
  10. Sugoroku no Theme
  11. Tsukumo Tsuujou Unten
  12. Junbi wa OK?
  13. Ganbarunoja!
  14. Tsukumo Kaiwa Kyoushitsu
  15. Buubeebubbuppee
  16. Yabai kamo…
  17. Norinori Battle
  18. Tsuku Mode
  19. Tsukumo no Nayami goto
  20. Okashi na Tsukumo
  21. Tsukumo Centimeter
  22. Tabi wa Tsuzuku
  23. Yoru Sugoroku
  24. Heaven’s Voices
  25. Heaven’s Door
  26. Heaven’s Trial
  27. Happiness Forever
  28. Tsukumo Elegant
  29. Tsukumo Kyun no Theme part. 2
  30. Megami Meguri – Off Vocal Version –

Here’s pictures of the contents of the Collector’s Box:

Megami Meguri (3DS eShop) comes out on December 8th in Japan.




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