Megami Meguri: new details and screens (Goddesses, Trials, more), commercial

Today, Capcom shared some new details and screenshots for Megami Meguri via its official website and the latest issue of Famitsu magazine. This time around, the details focus on the Seven Pillars Goddesses, and the trials that Tsukumo has to pass in order to become a full-fledged goddess.

The Seven Pillars Goddesses are:

  • Ame no Uzume (VA: Mikoi Saski): the leader of the Seven Pillar Goddesses. She’s known as the Dance Goddess (who dances too much). She possesses the divine power of Performance. Described as an intelligent, cordial, devoted and exemplary goddess, she always remain calm and confident.
  • Sotorihime (VA: Sae Ohtsuka): she’s known as the Rock Singer Goddess. She possesses the divine power of Song, which isn’t too surprising for a young guitarist. Since she finds traditional goddesses too boring, she’s trying to incorporate new ideas. She’s also trying to work on the rock arrangement of a satirical haiku, but it’s not going very well. She loves cute things.
  • Kukurihime (VA: Ayaka Imamura): she’s known as the Trimmer Goddess. She possesses the divine power of Binding. She is said to be extremely forgetful, and cannot remember something as simple as a name. She’s hurt every time people point that out, but she hides it. Every day, she grooms her guardian dogs (Aa and Uu), who are always accompanying her. She sometimes groom them too much, because she is half asleep when doing it.
  • Konohana Sakuyahime (VA: Aina Suzuki): she’s known as the Idol Goddess, who carries around a stuffed bear called Kumarin. She possesses the divine power of Flower. A bit like Sotorihime, she wants to break away from the traditional goddess style, in favor of something more modern. For example, she is said to be pretty cheerful and sweet, but it’s only a façade she puts on in order to get followers. When their numbers don’t increase, she worries that she might lose her position as goddess. She has an intense two-sided, and if she’s not interested in something, good luck trying to make her do it.
  • Toyota Mahime (VA: Reina Ueda): since she’s known as the Cook Goddess, her divine power is (logically) Cooking. She brings blessings to people’s lives by preparing delicious sea foods and mountains vegetables. She is known to possess strong supernatural powers, but she suffers from extreme stage fright. Due to that, she is treated as a developing goddess. She often uses strange words, which makes it hard for her to communicate well with others. She’s been more closed off recently.
  • Ishikoridome (VA: Asuka Ogame): she’s known as the Shrine Builder Goddess, which is why it’s not surprising that she would possess the divine power of Manufacturing (despite being better at breaking stuff!). As a true born Edo girl, she’s pretty fond of festivals (eating properly? Not so much). She is said to have a pretty wild personality, and to be pretty aggressive, but despite that, she’s able to see through to the essence of things. It’s for this reason that the other Seven Pillar Goddesses love her as a dependable older sister. Her specialty: working as a team, and she has the traits of a leader. She often loses control of herself.
  • Ame no Sagume (VA: Haruka Shisuga): she possesses the divine power of Fortune-Telling, which is why she’s known as the Fortune Teller Goddess. And while her fortune telling skills are extremely accurate (whi is why she has many followers), she’s a realist who believes that fortune telling isn’t the answer for everything. Just like Toyota Mahime, she possesses extremely strong supernatural power. She’s said to have a rather innocent personality, but she’s also a true contrarian, who manipulates people around her. She has been messing around with Amaterasu lately.

Next, we have some more details about the gameplay in Megami Meguri. As mentioned before, Tsukumo has to pass trials in order to become a full-fledged goddess. Those trials are issues by the Seven Pillar Goddesses themselves, and to pass, Tsukumo needs to seek out five abilities (there’s a trial for each one):

  • will-power
  • strength
  • wisdom
  • kindness
  • beauty

Wondering how to increase those abilities? It’s pretty simple: you have to talk to Tsukumo in order to teach her words, play mini-games with her, and more. Also, the clothes she’s wearing has an impact on those abilities, and some special bits of clothings even have hidden effects.

In order to take on the trials in Megami Meguri, you also need to obtain Offering symbols, found at Station Squares. After that, you need to stop on a Senior Goddess Symbol, and if you meet certain conditions, you can take on a trial. During those, you can cheer Tsukumo in order to raise her chances of success. When she passes a trial, her divine power increases, and you can progress in the story.

If you pass a trial with a high grade, you will receive a special outfit from one of the Seven Pillars Goddesses, which possesses the name of their powers (such as Fortune Teller Goddess for Ame no Sagume).

Finally, here’s the latest batch of screenshots and artworks for Megami Meguri, along with a commercial:


Megami Meguri (3DS eShop) comes out on December 8th.

Translation by: Gematsu



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