Medabots 9: Medabots and music tracks from previous entries now available as DLC

Medabots 9Medabots 9 is the latest entry in the Medabots series, and it’s now available in Japan in two versions (Kabuto / kuwagata). Along with the game itself, Rocket Company also released some additional content. There’s two kinds of DLC: additional Medabots, and additional music tracks, which are both from previous Medabots games.

Here’s the DLC released today in Japan:

Additional Medabots (300 Yen each)

  • Bayonet (from Medabots 2)
  • Solin (from Medabots 2)
  • Ambiguous (from Medabots 2)

Additional music tracks 1 (200 Yen for all)


  • Strike Enemy (Medabots 2)
  • Days of Typhoon (Medabots Navi)
  • Dark Night (Medabots 4)
  • The Chaos Emperor (Medabots 7)
  • Disobey (Medabots Dual)
  • Robin Hood (Medabots Dual)
  • Robattle 3 (Medabots 7)
  • Last Boss (Medabots DS)
  • Mysterious (Medabots 8)
  • Dancing Phantom (Medabots 8)


Additional music tracks 2 (200 Yen for all)


  • DO・OR・DIE (Medabots 4)
  • Robattle No.1 (Medabots 5)
  • Beat Up (Medabots 3)
  • Let’s Robattle Dance (Medabots 4)
  • Rays Of the Sun (Medabots Dual)
  • Absolute zero (Medabots Dual)
  • Nirvana (Medabots 7)
  • Robattle 2 (Medabots DS)
  • Shake It Up Baby (Medabots 8)
  • Core of Black (Medabots 8)





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