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Mario Party: Star Rush available for pre-loading in Japan, download sizes, screens

Mario Party: Star Rush comes out in roughly two weeks in Japan, which means that it’s now available for pre-loading from either Nintendo’s website or the Nintendo eShop. As always, pre-loading allows you to start downloading the game right away, and therefore be able to start playing at 10PM JST on October 19th.

But to pre-load Mario Party: Star Rush, you need at least 3 001 blocks / 375MB of free space on your SD Card (3 018 blocks / 377MB for the European version, but there’s no pre-loading available in Europe…).

Here’s some “technical” details about the game:

  • Genre: Party Game
  • Players: 1 (Single Player), 2 to 4 (Local Multiplayer)
  • Local Multiplayer: from 2 to 4 players. Compatible with Download Play, but there are restrictions (limited number of playable characters and maps). To get rid of those restrictions, you can play using the Mario Party: Star Rush – Party Guest “demo”, available from the Nintendo eShop. That way, you will get the full Local Multiplayer experience, as if everyone had their own copy of the game
  • Download size: 3 001 blocks / 375MB (Japan) — 3 018 blocks / 377MB (Europe)
  • Save data: 1
  • Save data size: 128kb

Here’s some additional screenshots for the game:

Mario Party: Star Rush (3DS) comes out on October 7th in Europe, October 20th in Japan, and November 4th in North America.


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