Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: all you need to know about the Booster Course Pass

During the Nintendo Direct presentation on February 9th/10th 2022, Nintendo announced that Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is to get some additional content via the Booster Course Pass. It’s a Season Pass that includes no less than 48 additional courses, mostly from past Mario Kart games (including Mario Kart Tour on Mobile), to be released between March 18th and the end of 2023. There will be 6 waves of DLC in total.

The Booster Course Pass can be bought separately for 24.99€ / £22.49 / $24.99 / 2 500 Yen, or you can get it for “free” via the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack subscription. Do note that each wave of DLC cannot be purchased separately.

Here’s what you will find in the Booster Course Pass for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe:

Wave 1

  • Release date: March 18th 2022
  • Requires: Ver. 2.0.0 or more recent
  • Contents:
    • Golden Dash Cup
      • Paris Promenade (Mario Kart Tour)
      • Toad Circuit (Mario Kart 7)
      • Choco Mountain (Mario Kart 64)
      • Coconut Mall (Mario Kart Wii)
    • Lucky Cat Cup
      • Tokyo Blur (Mario Kart Tour)
      • Shroom Ridge (Mario Kart DS)
      • Sky Garden (Mario Kart: Super Circuit)
      • Ninja Hideaway (Mario Kart Tour)

Wave 2

  • Release date: August 4th 2022 at 7AM PT / 10AM ET / 3PM BST / 4PM CEST / 11PM JST (North America, Europe, Japan)
  • Requires: Ver. 2.1.0 or more recent
  • Contents:
    • Turnip Cup
      • New York Minute (Mario Kart Tour)
      • Mario Circuit 3 (Super Mario Kart)
      • Kalimari Desert (Mario Kart 64)
      • Waluigi Pinball (Mario Kart DS)
    • Propeller Cup
      • Sydney Sprint (Mario Kart Tour)
      • Snow Land (Mario Kart: Super Circuit)
      • Mushroom Gorge (Mario Kart Wii)
      • Sky-High Sundae (New)

Wave 3

  • Release date: December 7th 2022 (North America, Europe, Japan)
  • Requires: Ver. 2.2.0 or more recent
  • Contents:
    • Moon Cup
      • Berlin Byways (Mario Kart Tour)
      • Peach Gardens (Mario Kart DS)
      • Merry Mountain (Mario Kart Tour)
      • Rainbow Road (Mario Kart 7)
    • Rock Cup
      • London Loop (Mario Kart Tour)
      • Boo Lake (Mario Kart: Super Circuit)
      • Alpine Pass (Mario Kart 7)
      • Maple Treeway (Mario Kart Wii)

Wave 4

Wave 5

Wave 6

Source: Nintendo


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