Switch milestones: Suika Game / Disney Speedstorm / My Hero Ultra Rumble

Suika Game

Suika Game, the cute and highly addictive puzzle game by Aladdin X, seems utterly unstoppable. Just last month (October 30th), the company announced that the game had sold 3,022,196 units to date, with 2,770,000 units in Japan and 230,00 units in the rest of the world.

And today, in an interview with Famitsu, Aladdin X announced that the total number of downloads has already surpassed 3.5 million units! As of November 7th at 3.30PM JST, the game has sold over 3.66 million units worldwide, with 3.27 million units in Japan and 390.000 units in the rest of the world. It’s (literally) just a matter of days until it reaches the 4 million units milestone!

Source: Famitsu

Disney Speedstorm

Gameloft have announced that Disney Speedstorm has reached 5 million active players worldwide, across all platforms. They also shared some additional stats:

  • 192 million total races
  • 30 million multiplayer races
  • 12 million hours of playtime

Source: Gameloft (Twitter)

My Hero Ultra Rumble

Bandai-Namco has announced that My Hero Ultra Rumble (a Free 2 Play game) has reached 7 million downloads worldwide, across all platforms. To celebrate, they’re distributing the following gifts to all players:

  • Gold x10,000
  • Agency Points x1,000
  • Gallery Piece Red, Blue, Green x300 each

Source: Bandai-Namco (Twitter)


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