Kirby Star Allies: 3rd major update announced, soundtrack album out in February

During the past couple of days, the official Twitter account for the Kirby series started teasing something for Kirby Star Allies. It wasn’t clear exactly what it was all about, though it seemingly confirmed that HAL Labratory wasn’t quite done with the game just yet. And today, Nintendo confirmed that there’s still more content coming to the game, with a 3rd major update releasing on November 30th (most likely November 29th in North America).

Here’s a trailer showcasing the contents of that big update:

This major update for Kirby Star Allies will add some new Dream Friends, and more precisely:

  • Magolor (from Kirby’s Adventure Wii / Kirby’s Return to Dream Land);
  • Taranza (from Kirby: Triple Deluxe), that allows you to use various magic attacks (including one involving… spider web. Bet you didn’t see that one coming!);
  • Susie (from Kirby: Planet Robobot), that allows you to attack enemies using various science-related weapon, and fly with a propeller suit.

What’s more, it looks like those may not be the final Dream Friends to be added to the game…

Also, the update will add a new mode called “heroes in Another Dimension. This one is for players looking for a challenge, and it’s only available after clearing the main story. The goal consists in clearing various levels, which requires combining powers with your allies (for example: using a trampoline to reach a higher platform), in order to collect Friend Hearts.

This mode features a special version of existing bosses, known in Japanese as “Another Bosses”. They don’t just look different: their attacks have received a serious power-up, as you can see in the trailer above. For example the Jambastion Mage Sisters all attack at once… evading all their attacks is definitely going to be tricky!

As mentioned above, the 3rd major update for the game will be released on November 30th, and the official patch notes will be added to this page as soon as they’re available.

Finally, here’s some screenshots:

But that’s not all! HAL Laboratory also announced that the Original Soundtrack album for Kirby Star Allies will be released on February 14th in Japan! It will include no less than 6CDs, with over 220 tracks (including those to be added via the various major updates, which is most likely why the album is only releasing in February).

There’s two editions:

Limited Edition (price: 8 500 Yen)

  • Digipack
  • 6 CDs, including over 220 tracks
  • 40 page booklet, featuring roundtables with the developers
  • special box
  • PLAYBUTTON player pre-loaded with the Kirby Arrange Selection tracks. Comes with special earphones.

Regular Edition (price: 6 000 Yen)

  • Digipack
  • 6 CDs, including over 220 tracks
  • Transparent plastic case
  • 40 page booklet, featuring roundtables with the developers

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Source: Nintendo



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