KILL la KILL – IF: details on Story Mode, other game modes

Today, Arc System Works shared some additional details about KILL la KILL – IF, which was announced for the Nintendo Switch a few weeks ago. This time, we learn more about the Story Mode, which offers a “What if”, original storyline.

In this game, you get to advance through the story by taking part in battles against various characters. It begins with a tutorial explaining the basics, but also the various battle formats only found in the Story Mode.

The original story was supervised by Kazuki Nakajima, who wrote the Kill la Kill anime series. It’s a branching story that follows a “What if” scenario stemming from Episode 8, where the Naturals Election is interrupted by Ragyo Kiryuin herself instead of Nui Harime. Why would she appear at that time? What kind of events will unfold? You will have to play the game to find out!

Next, here’s details about some of the other game modes found in KILL la KILL – IF:

  • Practice Mode
    • Tutorial: the same one that you play through at the beginning of the Story Mode. It allows you to get up to speed with the basics, while receiving useful pieces of advice from Shiro Iori (president of Honnouji Academy’s Sewing Club). It’s highly recommended for players discovering the game for the very first time, or those who want to learn how to control their character from the start;
    • Training: a mode where you can train to your heart’s content against an opponent controlled by the CPU. You can choose your character, the stage, and more. It’s the perfect place to practice your combos, and learn how to use each character;
    • Win Challenge: a series of random battles against the CPU. Each win allows you to get back some of your strength, and the goal is to win as many times as possible;
    • Covers Challenge: a mode where you have to defeat lots of Covers. Defeating them allows you to get various items, but also increase your Blood Level and more. There’s 3 sub-modes available:
      • 1 minute: you have to defeat as many enemies as possible within 60 seconds. Enemies can drop items that extend the time limit, allowing you to defeat more and more Covers!
      • 100 Challenge: you have to defeat 100 enemies as fast as possible;
      • Endless: you have to keep defeating enemies as long as you can, until you run out of energy.

Finally, here’s some more screenshots for the game:

KILL la KILL – IF (Switch) comes out in 2019 worldwide.

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