JP News (Oct. 18) – Famitsu previews (The Alliance Alive, RPG Maker Fes), Ace Attorney crêpes

Today’s Japanese news: latest batch of Famitsu previews, but also…

  • Ace Attorney x Marion Crêpes
  • Lil’ Lil’ Fairy Kirakira: Hajimete no Fairy Magic

Famitsu previews

This week, the following will be featured in Famitsu magazine:

  • a special article about the popularity of Japanese games in the West (mentioning Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse, Monster Hunter Generations, Zero Time Dilemma, Yo-kai Watch series, and more)

  • Pokémon Sun and Moon (Nintendo 3DS, releasing on November 18th in Japan and North America, and November 23rd in Europe), without anything really new;

  • RPG Maker Fes (Nintendo 3DS, releasing on November 24th in Japan), with more details about characters, monsters, events, equipment, battles, fields, and more;

  • The Alliance Alive (Nintendo 3DS, releasing in Spring 2017), with an 8-page article including an overview of the game and an interview of the developers;

  • Yo-kai Watch 3: Sukiyaki (Nintendo 3DS, releasing on December 15th in Japan), with an 8-page article featuring… nothing really new it seems;

Ace Attorney x Marion Crêpes

Remember the Ace Attorney x Mario Crêpes collaboration? The second part will start tomorrow (and will last until October 30th, when the whole thing ends), with new crêpes and a special drink… and new goodies!

Here’s some pictures:

Source: Famitsu

Lil’ Lil’ Fairy Kirakira: Hajimete no Fairy Magic

Here’s a TV Commercial and two gameplay videos for Lil’ Lil’ Fairy Kirakira: Hajimete no Fairy Magic on Nintendo 3DS:

Lil’ Lil’ Fairy Kirakira: Hajimete no Fairy Magic (3DS) comes out on November 10th in Japan.


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