JP News (March 21st): Swapdoodle / Monster Hunter XX

Today’s Japanese news: new content available in Swapdoodle, but also…

  • Monster Hunter XX
  • Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission X
  • Blasting Agent: Ultimate Edition
  • Capcom Café


Today, Nintendo released the following for Swapdoodle in Japan:

  • Deco character: a set of 25 lessons
  • Band Brothers P: a set of 20 lessons, featuring Barbara, and more
  • a set of 5 colour pens
  • a set of Spring stationary (only until April 20th)

Unfortunately, it’s not clear whether those will also be released in Europe and North America.

Monster Hunter XX

This week, Monster Hunter XX will once again be showcased in Famitsu magazine, with no less than 32 pages dedicated to it (32 less than last week and the massive 64-page article, but still a lot for a game that’s already available in stores)!

Here’s the previews from Famitsu magazine:

Speaking of Monster Hunter XX, here’s some pictures for the LINE Theme now available via the Store tab in the LINE app:

It costs 360 Yen (150 Coins).

Source: Famitsu (1 / 2)

Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission X

Here’s Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission X, releasing on April 27th in Japan, on Nintendo 3DS:

Blasting Agent: Ultimate Edition

Here’s the Japanese trailer for Blasting Agent: Ultimate Edition on Nintendo 3DS, releasing soon in Japan courtesy to Rainy Frog:

Capcom Café

Here’s the latest video for the Mega Man collaboration at Capcom Café:



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