Japan: more sales data for Week 3 (2017), Switch pre-orders (Media Create, Dengeki)

Media Create – Week 3, 2017

Today, Media Create released its weekly report for video game sales in Japan, providing us with more sales data for Week 3, 2017. During that week, Software sales topped 485 000 units, and Hardware sales topped 72 000 units, which is 78.11% and 74.34% of Week 2 sales respectively.

Sales for new releases topped 176 000 (65.92% of Week 2 sales). It’s the first time since the second week of November that total Software sales dropped below 500 000 units, which was to be expected in January. Hardware-wise, total sales are down by 20% compared to the same week in 2016.

Nintendo Switch pre-orders started last week in Japan (on January 21st, to be more precise), and it looks like they’re off to a great start. Media Create reports that over 80% of the initial allotment was gone after the first week-end, though they don’t say how big it is. That means that this first allotment is pretty much sold out as of writing, and in fact, many retailers have already stopped taking pre-orders for the Nintendo Switch for the time being.

Unfortunately, we don’t know if and when retailers will be able to start taking pre-orders again.

Source: Media Create

Dengeki – Week 3, 2017

First, here’s the sales for individual versions of several games:

  • Pokémon Sun: 11 411 units this week (1 616 077 units since launch)
  • Pokémon Moon: 10 056 units this week (1 479 654 units since launch)

For Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World, Dengeki reports over 39 000 units sold during the first four days, with a pretty good sell-through ratio: 80%. Hardware-wise, they report a 25.9% drop compared to last week with 75 000 units sold, and Software-wise, they report a 27.5% drop with 422 000 units sold.

Finally, here’s a chart for Software sales for each platform:

Platform Sales for current week Sales for current week(%) Sales for curent Fiscal Year Sales for curent Fiscal Year(%)
PS4 195,678 42.4% 7,231,716 27.2%
PS3 5,103 1.1% 1,085,028 4.1%
Vita 70,808 15.3% 3,416,412 12.9%
Wii U 12,541 2.7% 1,435,806 5.4%
3DS 177,678 38.5% 13,373,712 50.3%
X One 180 0.0% 34,972 0.1%
Total 461,988 100.0% 26,577,646 100.0%

Source: Dengeki



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