[Japan] Nintendo 3DS Themes of the week (September 30th)


The post was updated with the rest of the themes released today in Japan!


Usually, new Nintendo 3DS Themes for Japan are announced and released at the same time (every Wednesday at 10AM JST). But this week, three themes have already been revealed: they’re for New Kersploosh / New Splash or Crash, which came out in April in Japan. Poisoft uploaded a preview video for each one, but they are not available for purchase just yet (so we do not have any picture at the moment).

Obviously, more themes will be available tomorrow at 10PM JST, when the Theme Shop updates: the list below will be updated when they are available!

Here’s the list of Nintendo 3DS Themes coming out this week in Japan:

  • Shin Hyuu Stone: Ido (Poisoft): 100 Yen

Head after the break for the rest of the themes!

  • Shin Hyuu Stone: Ido Black Hole Ver. (Poisoft): 100 Yen

  • Shin Hyuu Stone: Sungeki Characters Ver. (Poisoft): 100 Yen

  • Jump Yuusha: Senjou no Hana (Nippon Columbia): 100 Yen
  • Mahou Kishi Reyarth Vol. 1: Hikaru & Umi & Fuu (FuRyu): 250 Yen
  • Mahou Kishi Reyarth Vol. 1: Majin & Mahou Kishi (FuRyu): 250 Yen
  • Mahou Kishi Reyarth Vol. 3: Mokona & Mini-chara (FuRyu): 250 Yen

Here’s a screenshot for each of these themes:

Source: Nintendo



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