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Indie news (Sept. 9) 3Souls / Earthlock: Festival of Magic / AeternoBlade II

Today’s Indie news: update finally available for 3Souls Episode 1: Nelesa in Europe, but also…

  • Earthlock: Festival of Magic
  • AeternoBlade 2
  • RIVE
  • Splat the Difference

3Souls Episode 1: Nelesa

Announced a few days ago, the first update for 3Souls Episode 1: Nelesa is now available for download in Europe (it will be released in North America pretty soon).

Here’s everything Ver. 1.1.0 adds/fixes/changes:

  • Two new languages: French and Italian;
  • Rush Respawn: you can now chose to continue from the moment just before your death, instead of having to restart from the beginning of the leve;
  • More Vault options: ML-Rules, Memories and “8 Seconds of Nindies”
  • Easter egg: the “8 Seconds of Nindies” easter is now hidden, and need to be activated manually;
  • Wheel portal balanced: more intuitive and forgiving;
  • Lightball portal balanced: accept light and darker colors;
  • ML-Rules position changed: those are not in the way of the players anymore;
  • Framerate: fixed a glitch that would impact the framerate in some stages with ventilator shafts;
  • Remove any trial and error;
  • Minor adjustments meant to improve the gameplay experience

Source: Red Column

Earthlock: Festival of Magic

Yesterday, Snowcastle Games published a short Kickstarter update for Earthlock: Festival Magic. The team has been pretty overwhelmed by the (mostly) positive reception of the Xbox One version, and they’re hard at work improving it. Unfortunately, they don’t sa anything regarding the Wii U version, which will be released via the Nintendo eShop and at retail apparently.

Source: Kickstarter

AeternoBlade 2

Today, Corecell Technologies shared some character profiles for AeternoBlade II (which was announced last year):

  • Felix: a knight, and a childhood friend of Bernard and Rosaline;
  • Rosaline: a princess said to hold the secret of the Alwasia region, who grew up with Felix and Bernard;
  • Bernard: a kind-hearted but not really talkative knight. He favors heavy weapons, and knows how to use them like no one else
  • Freyja: after creating a paradox in AeternoBlade, her life has considerably improved. However, she has to pick up the Aeterno Blade again;
  • Zevil: a young man, once again assisting Freyja in her quest;
  • Carol: a young woman, once again assisting Freyja in her quest.

Source: Corecell Technologies
Via: Gematsu


RIVE may have been delayed on Wii U (if not completely cancelled in favour of a NX port), but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to say about the game! This week, Two Tribes started sharing some cool trivia about the game.

And right off the game, Two Tribes comes up with a really interesting and amusing piece of trivia: the in-game video feeds were made based on the specs of… the GameBoy Camera!

For those who don’t know, here’s specs of the GameBoy Camera according to Wikipedia:

The camera can take 256×224 (down scaled to half resolution on the unit with anti-aliasing), black & white digital images using the 4-color palette of the Game Boy system.

We’re certainly looking forward a lot to the next bit of trivia!

Splat the Difference

Here’s a video for Splat the Difference, which is Lightwood Games’ latest title for the Nintendo 3DS. It will be released next week, on September 15th, in both Europe and North America.

Our Upcoming Releases page has been updated!


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